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homework blues

7 things that made you hate doing your homework

The worst thing about your childhood without a doubt.

WHEN YOU WERE younger it wasn’t all happy times.

Sometimes you would have to do things you really, really didn’t want to do.

Top of that list would be homework.

Anybody who tells you they enjoyed doing homework as a child is clearly lying and has forgotten these awful homework related memories.

1. Encyclopedias

Endolith / Flickr

Nowadays the kids can have their iPads, iPhones, iHomeworkDevice or whatever to help their study.

We had to make do with having to sometimes take out some unbearable encyclopedia that was usually in bits and trawl through all the information for some silly school essay ourselves.

We wish we could have just googled it.

2.  You can’t just go out and play

No, there will be no playing for you tonight as you write out 6 sentences showing off your Irish vocabulary and go through an entire copy book worth of maths homework.

That football game you’d hope to have this evening? Not happening.

The cute new puppy you wanted to play with next door? Not getting a look in.

How many puppies were we forced to make this expression due to our childhood homework?

via Chubba and Company

Too many.

3. Missing whatever was on The Den

Whether you were a fan of the Ian Dempsey original or the later days of Ray D’arcy the slow, burning rage you felt missing out on the daily list of amazing shows after school due to homework was the worst.

Sometimes you’d convince your parents to let you have a “break” (that would take 3 hours) so you could catch up with Fresh Prince and the other shows.

The main thing is you were missing out on whatever Zig and Zag were getting up too and that was very upsetting indeed.

ccscrazycelt / YouTube

4. How difficult it was

We’re still not sure why homework didn’t actually ask you to work on your speciality subjects such as “How many bottles of Cadet Lemon and Lime you can drink before you feel ill?” or “How quickly you can list your favourite Premier League players?”.

Instead it was very difficult and asked you to do things like multiply and divide and understand things like geography.


C’mon lads.

5. You were very tired

School was tiring.

Very tiring.

You had to be up anywhere between 7 – 8am and then do all kinds of strenuous school type tasks until about 3pm.

Then you’d be expected to come home and do another hour or so of work?


Why couldn’t we have just gone to sleep when we got home?

Perhaps a little nap?

Most kids aren’t so much annoyed about doing their homework as they are a bit tired.

That’s our theory anyway.

6. Inventing excuses for not having your homework done was tricky

The old cliché is “my dog ate it” but we probably spent as much time thinking about excuses we could use for not having our homework as we did actually doing our homework.

Mind you this kid really went to town:

7. Unhelpful adults

via Shutterstock

We’re not quite sure why we presumed our  parents were experts on every single subject we were doing.

We reckon every child realises their parents in fact don’t know everything when faced with our various homework dilemmas.

See, if we didn’t have to do homework we’d never have realised adults are flawed and we’d have had much better childhoods.

What we we’re saying is that homework ruins lives.

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