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# rain rage
8 things that are worse than this bloody rain
How many of you had to wear raincoats today, and were then too warm? We’re here for you.

SO, IT’S GOING to rain all week.

Let’s just accept that and move on with our lives.

And let’s face it, there are things that are worse than rain…

1. When the rain does this to your jeans

Street juice on your ankles. Yuck.

via Facebook

2. When this happens…

… and you’ve only got one per cent battery left

3. Sod’s law

4. This

“Spotted in Connolly Station” (via Imgur/Reddit Ireland)

5. When this happens

6. When someone puts all the empty wrappers back in the box

Image: MeganProxy/DeviantArt

7. This injustice


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