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6 torments only people who have to work over the holidays will understand

We feel your pain, worker bees.

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME, and everyone is having a great time.  They’re in the pub, or at home with family, making golden memories with family.

Everyone that is, except you, if you are one of the people who is forced to work at this time of year. Here are the worst things about working while everyone else has time off for Christmas.

The work


Even if you like what you do, your bitter resentment will make you hate every single thing you have to do over this period. If you usually hate what you do, you may find yourself considering quitting in a fit of rage. (Try not to do that, you’ll regret it.)

The customers


If you work in a job which requires you to interact with the public, you have our deepest condolences. Humans are both at their best and worst at this time of year.  Stress levels run high, and should you find yourself working in a shop in the final hours of Christmas Eve you will see panic on a level at which most people couldn’t even imagine. And that’s before the sales have even started!

Social media


Social media at this time of year is filled with happy people having happy times. That’s the last thing you need to see as you get the bus in to work at 7am knowing you missed out on yet another ‘amaaaaaazing night’!



Obviously people mean well, but turning down invitations gets pretty irritating when you wish you could say yes to them all.

No, sorry, I’m working.
I wish I could but I’m working.

That look


You know the one.  The one they give you when you turn down the invitations. They cock their head and grimace, saying something like, ‘S**t buzz.’ Yes.  Yes it is a s**t buzz.  And you know that, because you’re living it.

Trying to get home


If you’re working right up until the last minute on Christmas Eve, getting home is a real pain. Busses are packed, trains are full and traffic is rubbish.  Everywhere is steamed up and all you have is Christmas cheer and Chris Rea to get you through it.

Having said that, Drivin’ Home for Christmas does have some sort of magical power when it comes to lifting spirits.

In short, we feel your pain, worker bees. Worry not, though, we’ll be right here with you providing distraction though through the festive period.

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