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The 'Girl Setting Herself On Fire Twerking' video was a fake

And it was all the work of Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s what happened…

SO YOU MAY have seen the video of a girl twerking for her boyfriend, and then falling through a coffee table and setting herself on fire.

No? Well, let us remedy that. It’s worth a watch:

Source: Caitlin Heller

The video was reproduced around the world when it emerged last week. Currently, a search for its title ‘Worst Twerk Fail Ever’ on Google News – Google News, mind – brings up nearly 3,000 results.

Sadly, it’s all a fake. And not just any fake, but a fake orchestrated by US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Here’s the *full* version:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

“We didn’t send it to any TV stations. I didn’t tweet it, we didn’t send it to any websites,” Kimmel said. “We just put it on the internet.”

He then compounded the dishonour by showing a compendium of all the news outlets that reported the video as real. One headlined it The Dangers Of Twerking.

The internet, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s have a big hand.

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