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10 struggles people who are shite at wrapping presents know too well
The bane of our Christmas lives.

HAVE YOU WRAPPED any gifts yet? Or are you putting it off until the very last minute because the experience is so harrowing?

Us too. It’s hard being a shite present wrapper.

1. You’ve considered not buying a particular gift, all because it wasn’t perfectly rectangular

wrap Cutecatgifs Cutecatgifs

It’s not worth the heartache.

2. But even so, you know you still won’t be able to wrap a rectangular present nicely

Yv1cI Imgur Imgur

3. Sellotape hands

670px-Run-your-finger-aroud-the-roll-Step-1 WikiHow WikiHow

You spent hours with two fingers stuck together back in 2013. That was a particularly bad year.

4. Sellotape face

sellotapeface Instagram / theanti_socialite Instagram / theanti_socialite / theanti_socialite

Y’know when you need both your hands but you also need somewhere to keep your bit of sellotape, so you stick it to your face? Yeah. You shouldn’t have done that.

5. Actually injuring yourself while wrapping

papercut Google Google

Paper cuts, scissor jabs, the sting of ripping sellotape off your hands… It’s really dangerous, you know.

6. Never knowing the joy of the scissors gliding through the wrapping paper

How could you, when your wrapping paper always ends up looking like this?

9f003c6dc97638a59ee1c7afdb842c259229edeb4088135cc0d6f953fb0980ce_1 Tumblr Tumblr

7. Loving gift bags like you would love a child

giftbags Instagram / kaylouangel Instagram / kaylouangel / kaylouangel

Gift bags are a great idea. Why can’t we just all use gift bags?

8. Finishing the wrapping, then realising your present is now 90% tape

giftwrapfail Instagram / ovoxo_aries Instagram / ovoxo_aries / ovoxo_aries

9. The disappointment of seeing your present in amongst the others under the tree, like an ugly lump


10. And actively campaigning against fancy wrapping whenever you get the chance

giftwrap Instagram / sonjahei Instagram / sonjahei / sonjahei

“Why would you bother your arse doing that? It all gets ripped off anyway.” You’re not bitter. Not in the least.

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