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# violence reduction
Prison service defends luxuries in new violence reduction unit for country's most dangerous inmates
‘If they don’t experience some normality in prison how are they going to behave normally outside?’
# Gaming
Playing Fifa 17 on TV for money? BT Sport strike new deal to broadcast live matches
It’s the first time fans will be able to watch virtual football live on TV.
# way harsh
Is this kid's Xbox smashing the harshest punishment ever, or the best?
# get outta my head
You can now walk around someone's mind with an Xbox controller
Turns out actually getting inside someone else’s head is a bit weird
# Not a game
Teenager arrested for Xbox and Playstation Christmas attacks
The 18-year-old was detained as part of a joint effort between police in Britain and the United States.
# Delays
Sony delays the Playstation 4's launch in China
The console was originally due to launch on 11 January, but has been delayed because of ‘various factors.’
# fun and games
Who was playing games in 2014? Half a billion people...
From virtual to reality, what do gamers look like in 2014?
# let the games begin
Sony's Playstation network is up again as the company admits it WAS attacked by hackers
No direct link is being made to the cyber attack over ‘The Interview’.
# kim kringle
Did Kim Dotcom save Xbox and Playstation users from a game-free Christmas?
A hacking group claimed responsibility for another attack on both the systems.
# blood sport
Gaming controller that drains your blood as you play suspended by Kickstarter
Brings a whole new meaning to ‘health’.
# TV streaming
Now Microsoft and Yahoo are creating their original TV shows
The two companies are planning on releasing their own original TV shows which would compete against the likes of Netflix and Amazon.
# TV Wars
Sony is working on original TV shows for the Playstation 4
The company plans to offer original TV content through its Playstation Network service.
# Catch up
Xbox One launching in 26 more countries in September
The expansion will include the eight European countries whose launch in November was delayed because of localisation issues.
# console wars
Sony has sold 5.3 million Playstation 4 consoles worldwide
The company has sold another 1.1 million consoles this year, adding to the 4.2 million consoles it sold in 2013.
# Let's hear it for the boys
10 things Irish lads love
Besides their mammies, obviously.
# n00bs
Watch this scarily accurate parody of every newbie gamer ever
What happens if I press A? Oh. That.
A brief history of the Sony Playstation
It’s come a long way since the original arrived back in 1995.
# xbox whoa
WATCH: Ireland AM is really blown away by the Xbox One
There’s been nothing like this on the market before. NOTHING.
# No deal
Anger as Xtra-Vision doesn’t honour Xbox pre-orders unless extra game is bought
This requirement was asked of pre-order customers even if they had already paid in full for the new Xbox One console.
# console wars
Playstation and Xbox had this cute exchange on Twitter
Two multinational corporations, getting cosy. AWWWW.
# lads buzz
Is this Galway gaf the most laddy house that ever ladded?
We think it might be.
# On Demand
Netflix gives its TV app a major makeover
Large images and easier navigation are some of the updates rolled out today.
# PS4
Gamers already prefer the PlayStation 4 to Xbox One
Here’s how Sony did it.
# Game on
12 games consoles that made your Christmas mornings a dream*
*If you were lucky.
# you told us
Top readers' comments of the week
Here’s our round-up of the best, the most interesting and the most commented-on pieces from the past week. Did you make it in?
Xbox's new console... why does everyone hate it already?
Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a while, shall we?
# Motorola
EU launches two antitrust probes against Motorola
The EU’s competition authority is to investigate whether investigations into whether the company is unfairly restricting competitors from accessing essential patents.
# Black Friday
Woman who allegedly pepper-sprayed Black Friday crowd surrenders
The pepper-spraying was just one of a number of incidents across the US on the notoriously busy kick-off to the Christmas shopping season.
# Black Friday
Shopper pepper-sprays Black Friday crowd in push for Xbox
Police are looking for a woman in Porter Ranch, California who reportedly injured 20 people at a Walmart store with pepper spray as the shop opened early for the annual sale.
# Gaming
Microsoft's Kinect sets Guinness World Record for swift sales
Over 10m units of the Xbox infrared controller were sold within 60 days of its launch in November 2010.
# Xbox
Xbox Kinect already hacked
Hacker wins $3,000 prize after creating drivers for Microsoft’s motion detection device.
# Halo
Halo: Reach becomes fastest-selling Microsoft game ever
The latest version of the science-fiction video game saga and becomes the biggest entertainment launch of 2010.