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You won't believe the detail of these incredible Cosplay costumes

If you don’t know what Cosplay is, that’s ok too, there’s an explanation inside.

THE INTERNET IS host to all lots of little worlds  in which there are structures, societies and creativity most of us are not even aware of.

One such world is that of Cosplay, which is essentially made up of people who dedicate huge portions of their lives to dressing up as fictional characters.

These people put huge amounts of effort into making costumes and sourcing props to recreate a character as accurately as they possibly can, often sharing photographs of their work on the internet as well as attending Cosplay events in character.

Most of the characters Cosplayers dress up as are from the genres of sci-fi, anime and comic books, but there are some you’ll almost certainly recognize.

The effort that goes into these costumes is really incredible.

Krang from TMNT


Super Mario Brothers’ Luigi


Metal Gear Solid


Princess Zelda


Chun-li from Street Fighter


Harley Quinn from Batman




The Joker

Can't see the image? Try reloading the page. Via Imgur

Annnnd Ronald McDonald as a female animé character of course


There is lots more where that came from too.  If you fancy delving deeper into the world of Cosplay check out Cosplay.com or visit the Cosplay Ireland Facebook page.

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