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Only younger siblings will understand these problems

This is your pain, little ‘uns.

DOES ANYONE TRULY appreciate the pain of the younger sibling?

You do. Yes, you do.

1. Having to wear hand-me-down clothes for your entire childhood

bootsSource: dadblunders

Even the cool stuff is totally worn out before you get to wear it.

2. Getting mercilessly beaten up

download Source: Cheezburger

Over. And over. And over.

3. Finding millions of photos of your older siblings, but none of you

1137018358 Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos

And if you are in any, you're an afterthought.

4. Being called by your siblings' names, in descending order until they get to you

5. Oh, and being treated as the baby for your entire life

scared-dog-vetSource: Creatureclinic

Even when you're 30/40/drawing a State pension.

6. Your youthful innocence and trusting nature being repeatedly taken advantage of

kid-playing-prank-on-younger-brother Source: Ohmagif

7. Endless comparisons to your siblings

Sibling rivalry - ImgurSource: Imgur

And you can never match up.

8. Always being last to do all the fun stuff

1582946950 Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos

9. Because by the time it comes to you, your parents have kiiiind of stopped caring

My childhood as the youngest sibling - Imgur Source: Imgur

10. Being pressed into service as a dress-up doll

100537_B_L Source: Smyths Toys

11. And your siblings ganging up on you, always

509391560 Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos

But don't worry. No matter how many times you're on the losing end...

i-love-my-little-sister-so-much Source: Funny411

... the thing about being the youngest is...

download (1) Source: Cheezburger

... there will always be time for revenge.

For those of us who have siblings - Imgur Source: Imgur

Hurray for younger siblings!

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