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the middle

9 struggles all youngest siblings just get

You just get them. Solidarity.


Let’s pay homage to those much maligned members of the sibling groupings; the youngest, for putting up with…

Always sitting in the middle on the long drive

Extra pain if you had two older brothers in the early stages of manspreading.


Even worse pain if you have to sit in the boot. The indignity of it all.

Or having to sit on the floor

Being constantly tricked

One reader told us :

My older brother made me beg for hours for a bit of his chocolate… He eventually gave me a square after being his slave for a while. Fecker neglected to mention that it was laxative chocolate!! Adult dose was quarter a square… I was seven and scoffed the whole square he gave me!! On the plus side I got a day off school.
Was my mum worried about this overdosing of her fifth child? Was she feck… “Sure it’ll give ya a good clear out” says she!

450 Drugstore Drugstore

Another said:

My big bro put me to bed one night when I was really young. He then got me up & ready for school the next day. I was sitting in the kitchen in my school uniform eating my breakfast when I started hearing him laughing. I didn’t understand. He asked if I knew what time it was, I looked at kitchen clock it said 8.30. He was dying laughing, I still didn’t get it. Turns out it was 8.30PM, the bastid brought me to bed at 8pm and woke me 30 mins later and pretended it was the next day…the pup!! In fairness…it was pretty genius!

While a team member revealed:

My brother used to tell me there was HP Sauce in Vienetta. He knew my aversion to HP Sauce and it ensured that he got my slice every Sunday.

vienetta-vanilla-cake Everyview Everyview

Being constantly experimented on

“Why don’t you go first? It will be great fun, you lucky thing”

R6xWjc1 Imgur Imgur

Being the remote control

Or carrying out any menial task, for that matter.


Accompanying your mam/dad to to the Big Shop/Mass way after you’re too old to do so

“Are you coming to Dunnes to help me?”
“Bring in those briquettes there”
“Are you ready for mass”


Being referred to as ‘the baby’ to your parents’ acquaintances

Even at the age of 29, running into your mam’s friend Marie in Centra.

Ah yeah, this is my baby now.


Wondering where all those precious memories went

Or just being forgotten about completely

That awkward feeling when you are the youngest sibling Imgur Imgur

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