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YouTubeScreengrab Jawed in the first ever YouTube video 'Me at the Zoo'.
# Thumbs Down
YouTube co-founder leaves first comment in 8 years... complaining about comments
Dude. What have you done to my website?

JAWED KARIM, ONE of the co-founders of YouTube had left his first comment in eight years on the video sharing site.

He’s not LOLing at a cat video, or praising a tutorial or TED speech.

He’s giving out… about YouTube.

In his second post in eight years (the first was YouTube’s first ever video), he’s wondering “what the f***” is going on with the comment section:

This week the site (which is now owned by Google) began rolling out changes to the way its comment section works.

In September YouTube announced that soon all comments would be connected to a users’ Google+ account.

Nobody told Jawed though. And he’s mad as hell.

Cheer up Jawed. Watch He’ll Jump on You Caroline.

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