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This €80 Zara coat is all over Instagram because it's absolutely EVERYWHERE

*The* coat of 2016.

YOU KNOW HOW every year there’s some coat or scarf that everyone seems to bloody have?

This blue and white Zara coat, which is available online for €79.95, is shaping up to be the most ubiquitous, coveted clothing item of 2016.

zara Source: Zara

A few months ago, two friends named Emily and Alice started noticing it everywhere they went.

Alice explained the popularity of the coat on her blog:

It all started at Chelsea Flower Show ‘She’s wearing my coat’.  ‘Which coat?’ ‘That coat’ and suddenly, everywhere.  A blue and white printed coat worn by women all over London.  It’s as though they are in a secret club.
…. an elegant, blue and white pattern, Chanel-esque, worn by women of all ages.  So tidy and neat and obvious, your mother and daughter almost definitely both have one.  And somehow it seems to be going unnoticed, it is being worn with a ‘it can’t be the same coat, well of course I bought this first, and anyway I wear it better, ‘ attitude by everyone, rather than the usual ‘hide behind the bus stop, she’s wearing the same outfit as me’ scenario.

The two friends decided to set up an Instagram account dedicated to That Coat, as they christened it, and began sneakily taking photos of women they saw wearing the fabled coat.

Like so.

There’s the Duchess of Cambridge’s PA wearing it. Very fancy.

And isn’t it perfect for taking in a spot of tennis at Wimbledon?

Or wearing on This Morning?

The Instagram account now has over 177 posts documenting the coat’s popularity and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Better snap one up fast lest you start feeling left out.

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