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14 of the quickest reactions to Zayn leaving One Direction

Everybody wants to steal our Zayn…

WELL, IT’S HAPPENED. Just days after he dropped out of the boyband’s world tour, Zayn Malik has quit One Direction.

Fans are understandably very sad that this beautiful face will no longer feature in the One Direction lineup:

zaynhair Source: Instagram/louteasdale

But everyone else on Twitter is having a field day. There have been jokes. Many, many jokes.

There were terrible puns

There were ruminations about the prophetic title of their latest album

Lots of people are hoping that he has a normal life for himself

Retrain as a vet, maybe, Zayn?

Many took the time to revisit the finest piece of Zayn fan fiction ever to exist

People are lamenting that we lost Zayn, Jeremy Clarkson and Henry Shefflin all in the one day

There are LOADS of lame jokes about Clarkson and Zayn switching roles

So, so many.

(Yes, that is former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK John Prescott.)

And many are reminiscing on the fateful days that Robbie left Take That, and Bryan (Brian) McFadden departed Westlife

Awaiting Zayn’s debut solo single with bated breath. Personally, we’re hoping he goes for a Brian McFadden/Real To Me vibe. But that’s just us.

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