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10 reasons Girls Aloud are irreplaceable

Let’s have a sad dance to Something Kinda Oooh.

GIRLS ALOUD OFFICIALLY announced their split last night after the last show of their current tour.

After ten years and a truckload of pop hits they’re going to call it a day and we are quite upset.

Here are 10 reasons why Girls Aloud will be irreplaceable in the pop pantheon.

1. The time they sang The Promise at The Brits


GirlsAloudVevo / YouTube

2. When they met the Queen

Cheryl actually looks like she might cry at any moment.

3. Everything Nadine ever said.

This compilation of Nadine’s funniest moments is just priceless

Tony Fernandez / YouTube

Also, we can’t mention Nadine without mentioning THAT passport clip.

You know the one we mean:

sixirishpopstars / YouTube

Also this Twitter that pretends to be Nadine and types phonetically is inspired

NuhdeenCoyleNow / Twitter

4. This photo of the girls posing with uninterested dogs

If Girls Aloud were going for a snap on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com this would be a winner

PA Wire/PA Archive/Press Association Images

5. Sarah’s bum note

The girls performed The Loving Kind on GMTV once and this happened:

GirlsAloudGroupSolo / YouTube

6. Sarah in general

Her on-stage antics can be best summed up by this picture

Brian O’Sullivan/EMPICS Entertainment

7. Their “documentary series” that was actually hilarious

Girls Aloud had their own “documentary series” on E4 in 2006 called Off The Record.

It was actually alot better than most boring shows about popstars because the girls were happy to be very … uncensored.

There was this bit where Cheryl had a meltdown over an outfit change in Australia

SusYBunToN / YouTube

Or when they decided to hill walking in Greece and Cheryl complained for the duration.

And then they get a taxi and joke about Nadine being beheaded.

“Emayghun ahf ah juz cayum ahn n aht waz jayhst a nayck?”.

holicts02 /  YouTube

And before her glam X-Factor days there was a scene where Cheryl has to spew into a bin after a night with Nicola’s mini bar.

(It’s from 1:07 in on this video. You’re welcome)


8. Amazing songs

All joking aside, this is a tune

GirlsAloudVevo / YouTube

So is this

GirlsAloudVevo / YouTube

Also, this:

GirlsAloudVevo / YouTube

9. This “Little Girls Aloud” sketch

This surprisingly cute sketch from a TV special they did featuring mini versions of the Girls Aloud.

Even mini Sarah is a party animal.

Amy Robson / Girls Aloud

10. When Nicole did an impromptu interpretative dance

Nicola just going for the moment here it seems

©Suzan/allaction.co.uk /Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment


via MuuMuse


via MuuMuse

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