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11 celebrity couples that make us believe in true love

Love is all around you when you look at this lot.

DID YOU SEE that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were in Cuba celebrating their wedding anniversary recently?

They looked like they had a grand ol’ time when they weren’t being chased by paparazzi and such.

Ramon Espinosa/AP/Press Association Images

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are definitely on our list of celebrity couples that seem quite amazing and make us believe that true love is totally achievable.

Here are other celeb couples that we are sort of obsessed with and help us keep the faith in love’s young dream.

1.  The Duke & The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Will and Kate)

Between the Royal Wedding and their general class when dealing with the kind of media circus most celebs would crumble under, we’ve got a lot of time for the pairing of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

They just seem to really enjoy hanging out together. Sure look at the fun they had at the Olympics last year:

Lee Jin-man/AP/Press Association Images

2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

AJM/AJM/EMPICS Entertainment

We're aware that in a way,  hyper-talented hip-hop genius Kanye might be seen as slumming it with a reality TV star like Kim Kardashian.

Except Kim and Kanye are kind of perfect for each other. They're both narcissistic, crave attention and have a love/hate relationship with the papparazzi and tabloid media.

They seem genuinely happy in their own little universe and we're sure Kanye is delighted to have the world's most famous women to act out his fashion aspirations on (his commitment to dressing her in outlandish outfits even during her pregnancy continues to baffle us).

3. Rosanna Davison and Wes Quirke

Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

They're sort of the Irish Kim and Kanye because they're just as ridiculous in their own way. Whether they're doing photocalls together to flog an array of products or just tweeting each other lovey dovey things, this pair are clearly suited to each other and we're enjoying every silly celebrity second.

4.  Amy Huberman and Brian O'Driscoll.

Julien Behal/PA Archive/Press Association Images

If you don't love BOD & Hubes (Yes, we're calling them that) together than clearly you're dead inside. Dead. Inside.

It might be hard to find a true celebrity power couple in Ireland but with this pair we've got it.

He's the rugby star everybody likes and she acts, writes books, has her own shoe line (!) and is really, really funny on Twitter.

We're very happy we've got Amy and Brian to remind us why love is wonderful even for us Irish folk.

5. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Jordan Strauss/AP/Press Association Images

The running joke about Jennifer Lopez used to be that she got married alot but when she shacked up with Marc Anthony it seemed like a forever kind of deal.

Sadly it didn't work out and J.Lo soon hooked up with a 24 year old back-up dancer Casper Smart.

In the typical world of celebrity relationships we wouldn't have put much faith in this lasting but the pair have been together a year and a half and seem genuinely sweet on each other.

They worked on J.Lo's mammoth world tour together after Casper appeared in her video for Dance Again. They even recreated their dance on stage every night of the show and they do that couple thing of looking really amused by each other's every move throughout.

Las GringasBlog / YouTube

6. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Jon Bond/PA Archive/Press Association Images

It kind of feels like Posh and Becks have been together forever and in celeb terms they have as they married in 1999. That's 14 years of matching outfits, Victoria sitting in the crowd at David's games and David supporting her growing career as a fashion designer.

It's crazy to think how sophisticated and cool they seem now given some of the outfits they used to rock back in the day.

And remember when they were interviewed by Ali G in 2001? They look vastly different but it's a snapshot of the kind of insane fame they've had for a very long time

granzeus / YouTube

7. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Itsuo Inouye/AP/Press Association Images

This pair are are so hard to dislike. Emma Stone is quick witted, charming and is always the best thing in any film she's in. Andrew Garfield is self deprecating but highly talented and did a decent job of making the recent Spider Man movie reboot take off.

Together they're unbearably cute and goofy and while they're coy about talking about their realtionship publicly it's obvious that they are very much smitten with each other.

itn / YouTube

8. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Markus Schreiber/AP/Press Association Images

They're so ridiculous and grouchy and they are probably not that far removed from the equally ridiculous Twilight characters.

There's something so teenage and totally fascinating about the constant drama around this pair (she cheats on him, they have to promote a movie together etc) that we remain constantly amused by them

9. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

Remember 2002 and Enrique Iglesias was the hottest thing in pop after his ballad Hero ate up the charts.

He followed it up with the tune Escape, the video for which featured tennis star Anna Kournikova who was a huge pin up at the time.

All the sexy scenes in the video had many speculate the pair were going out but they frantically denied it.

But 11 years later the pair are still together. Iglesias famously said last year they'd no plans to marry but the fact that that 2002 music video was the start of a relationship this long is kind of impressive.

Let's hit play on that video and have a little flashback:

EnriqueIglesiasVevo / YouTube

10. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

If you're a fan of True Blood you'll love the fact that Sookie and Bill are together in real life.

And not only that, they've gotten married and had twins. And they're still working together on the show.

They seem mad about each other to be fair, this red carpet interview has Anna just stare into his eyes with love every few seconds like she doesn't even realise she is supposed to be on the telly. Amazing

taliasamara / YouTube

11.  Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling is something of an obsession for many, easily the Hollywood hunk getting the highest number of people swooning.

Eva Mendes is very much his female equivalent both very sexy but also cool in a way most actresses wish they could be.

The pair have been dating since 2011 but have been very low key but Place Beyond the Pines, the film they worked on is out this weekend.

They're not highly public yet but watching Mendes get flustered talking about him on Ellen is pretty cute.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

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