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11 moments Girls Aloud would probably like to forget

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh. Dear.

GIRLS ALOUD ARE playing a show in Dublin tonight as part of their current tour.

There will be all their hits, some tears and plenty of impressive outfits.

Of course it wasn’t always hit singles and solo careers of varied success.

There are plenty of morto moments in the archives as the girls spent the last ten years twirling around on stage / on the red carpet.

We’ve rounded up some of the moments that we reckon Girls Aloud would rather forget.

1. This early peformance

Girls Aloud were regulars at London club night G-A-Y and one performance was particularly, shall we say, memorable.

They rocked this look

Paul Hennessy/allactiondigital.com/EMPICS Entertainment

Kimberly kept things going in the centre

Paul Hennessy/allactiondigital.com/EMPICS Entertainment

And made sure she had her moment to shine

EMPICS Entertainment

2. Killer dance moves

Right from the start, the girls managed to execute choreography that looked graceful and fluid:

Suzan/allaction.co.uk /Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

3. Puppy related encounters

One night on the red carpet Sarah got to hold a puppy

Alex Huckle/allactiondigital.com/EMPICS Entertainment

She seemed pretty happy about it

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Even Kimberly wanted to hug the puppy

/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Not to be outdone Cheryl and Nadine were pictured with a dog at a different event.

Very stressful being in a girlband isn’t it?

Sue Moore/allactiondigital.com/EMPICS Entertainment

4. Hanging out with Brian/Bryan McFadden

If there’s anything more glamorous than doing your makeup in front of Bryan McFadden than we don’t wanna know.

Andy Butterton/PA Archive/Press Association Images

So much glamour

Andy Butterton/PA Archive/Press Association Images

5. Another highbrow performance

For one of their many G-A-Y performances the girls used some sexy, bed-related props. Such as giant beds

Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

The whole thing was very “racy” but we bet it’s comfortable wearing a fluffy robe onstage

Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

6. Elegant tour costumes

At least when Girls Aloud undertook their first ever tour they kept all of their rig-outs demure and low-key

Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

Demure. Low-key.

Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

7. Barbie Girl(s)

You know you’re famous when Barbie comes calling. In 2005 Girls Aloud designed a range of Barbie dolls.

Here they are holding them and looking as chic as you can while holding a toy that looks like you


suzan/allactiondigital.com /Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

8. Cheryl’s photocall hell

Back when Cheryl and Ashley were all loved up they did this presumably tongue in cheek photoshoot.

Still, how morto would you be seein this back?

Mega morto that’s what.

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

9. Mr Men encounter

There was also the time that they met Mr Happy from Mr Men.

Because the celeb life is all about meeting the big names.

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

10. Girl party

Sarah and Nicola once attended the NME awards and had a very low-key evening.

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

You wouldn’t even  have known they were there

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

11: Sarah at the Brit Awards

Girls Aloud finally won a Brit Award in 2009 and looked lovely on the red carpet

Mind you, Sarah looked really inexplicably angry

Joel Ryan/AP/Press Association Images

While accepting their award, Sarah did her best “Go on ma’ son!” face

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

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