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11 ways to make your wedding pictures better than anyone else's

It’s imperative that your day is better than anyone else’s.

1. Remember that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

via Quinn Miller Photo/Gawker

via Yorkshire Wedding Network/Facebook

2. Go a little bit Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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3. Convince the priest to plank

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4. Invite stormtroopers

via DealSpwn

5. Get photobombed by a llama

via CarolineTran.net

6. Get photobombed by a horse

via IRunTheInternet

7. Insist on a superhero/cartoon/comic book theme

via Buzzfeed

8. Bring your impossibly cute twin daughters

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

9. Knock your cake over

via DumpADay.com

10. Turn your back on the sea

via IWWeddings.com

11. Copy these guys

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