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Friends Forever

11 ways your friends will wreck your head

Keep your friends close, and your head-wrecking friends closer.

WE LOVE OUR pals. Friends make the world go around, make life more fun, happy and just all-round better. Don’t get us wrong, we’d do anything for our friends.

At the same time, no one knows how to wind you up like a mate.

Here’s how your best friend might wreck your head…

Get on better with your parents than you do

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We all have that one friend with the magic parent touch. Well-mannered, yet not too much of a lick, they always have the perfect charming word for your Mammy. So much so, in fact, that you can’t help but suspect your parents might actually prefer your friend… Mam? Mam?

Leave the pub before their round

Image: via Keep Calm O Matic

Thou shalt never leave the pub just before the pints are on you.


Fiona Hyde/

Bail on me once, shame on you. Bail on me twice, shame on me.

Bend your ear about their other half

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It happens to the best of us. We meet someone we’re cracked about, and we get a bad case of “mention-itis”. It’s sweet at first, then just the teensiest bit irritating, then ruins your chats over coffee. Luckily, this phase passes.

(Luckily for all of us, or else we’d all have no mates.)

Nicking your chips

Image: via gilgongo/ Flickr

If you wanted chips, order chips! Don’t order a salad and then eat the chips off a friend’s plate! And if you want dessert – speak now, or forever hold your peace and keep that spoon away.

Never having credit

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Getting the old “Call Me” text from a friend, or a super-quick garbled call asking you to ring back.

Spoiling the end of films

Image: via Shutterstock

That friend who loves telling you the big twist or the score on the match.


Teases you in front of your new beau

Image: via Giphy

Only a best friend knows the worst stories about you.

And they just love telling those stories.

At high volume.

In front of that new guy you’re seeing.

Tags you in cringe Facebook photos

Image via: Embarrassing Nightclub Photos

After waking up with a hangover, there is nothing quite like the fear inspired by the notification email “Your Best Friend has tagged you in a photo on Facebook”.

Sets you up

Video: via YouTube/guru006

Matchmaker, matchmaker, please stop trying to set me up with that weird single guy from your office…

Borrow your DVDs and never give them back


Image: via 4Gifs

All you want is your precious copy of Taken or your favourite high heels back. Is that so much to ask?

Can’t stop thinking about how annoying your friends are now?

Have a listen to this and remember how great friends are! Altogether now: “I’ll be there for you..”

Do your friends ever wreck your head? How?

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