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6 signs the tide might be turning against the 12 pubs

Have we reached peak pub?

STEP INTO A hostelry for a sherry at any stage over the next couple of weekends and you’re almost certain to be greeted by a sea of red-faced, Christmas jumper-wearing, 12-pubbers.

The practice of haring around a dozen pubs in large gangs, skulling drinks and becoming unbearable has caught on massively in the past few years.

But, there are signs that the tide is turning against the tradition, as pub goers and pub owners alike turn their backs

1. ‘No 12 Pubs Allowed’

A number of publicans have taken the move to ban large groups from their premises in the run up to the Christmas period.

The owner of the Swan Bar off Aungier Street in Dublin city centre said that he had his best Christmas in years in 2013 after banning the 12 Pubs.

What happened when we started letting the crowds in was that the people who would normally be in the pub on a Friday or Saturday night got up and left. They didn’t like the vibe.

2. The expense

Twelve drinks in twelve pubs is not a cheap night out.

3. Pubs tweeting about “overkill”

Christmas 2013 really saw the 12 Pubs go into overdrive. This year pubs like Sin É in Dublin are tweeting about ‘battening down the hatches’ and ‘bracing themselves’.

4. Anger on the streets in previous years

5. Anger on the streets this year

6. Surely this is the beginning of the end?

We’ve reached peak 12 Pubs, surely.

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