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13 baby animals who don't get enough cute credit

EVERYONE KNOWS HOW cute puppies and kittens are. It’s a given. Everyone loves them. They are completely, undeniably adorable. No arguments here.


What about the lesser-spotted babies in the animal kingdom? They need some love too.


A puggle is a baby echidna.

This video of a puggle is unmissable. A weird, wonderful baby animal.

Harp seal

Look into his big brown eyes.

Image: via FactZoo

Cold paws, warm heart.


Hello there.

Image: via ZooBorns

The babby marmoset fits perfectly on your finger like a living, breathing pencil-topper.


Who knew anteaters were this cute?

Image: via Ocean Beach Bulletin

God love him, he adores his mammy.

Teacup piglet

This tiny teacup piggie wants his porridge!

This video is made even better by the fact that this piglet is named “Hamlet”. Genius.


Look at his little wing!

Image: via Dublin Zoo

You can visit this little fella for real at Dublin Zoo.


This is a year-old baby Beluga whale calf.

Image: via ZooBorns

This mighty toddler weighs in at 450lbs.

Tasmanian devil

Remember Taz, the cartoon Tasmanian devil?

Image: via Zooborns

Taz like you’ve never seen him! Bottle-feeding!

Pygmy hippo

You know what’s cuter than a baby animal? A PYGMY baby animal!

Image: via ThatCuteSite

This pygmy hippo is enjoying a bit of lettuce. He’s on a diet maybe.

Polar bear

You there…

Image: viaTumblr

You're a ticklish lil fella! Yes you are!


Baby tapirs are lil cuties too.

Image: via

Look at his tiny snout! All the better for cuddling with.


Check out these twin baby sloths, Violet and Sebastian...

That's right, they just got shaved, slathered in lard and put in pyjamas. These twins are living the absolute dream.



Image: via Tumblr

Look! He's as shocked as you are that baby otters don't get more love.

What's your favourite unusual animal, baby or otherwise?

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