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14 lessons to teach your children before they're 12
That seagulls can not be trusted, for example.

ACCORDING TO RECENT research, childhood ends at the age of twelve these days.  Beyond that point, the once malleable minds of your young suddenly become resistant to instruction and they decide it’s time they were in charge.

If that’s the case, we can’t help but think that there are certain things every adult should know, and thus certain things every parent should teach their child before they reach said age.

Here are fourteen lessons to teach your children before they’re twelve.

Teach them that when things go wrong you have to pick yourself up and keep going


Teach them that fairytales are not real life


Teach them to be careful walking up steps


Teach them not to mess with street performers


Teach them to join in fun activities


Teach them that their bodies are useful in all kinds of ways


Teach them that not all smiles are nice smiles


Teach them to be nice to animals because they have bad days too

YouTube/Remi Fontaine

Teach them that seagulls can not be trusted


Teach them that no matter how good you are, there will almost always be someone younger than you who’s better at it

Khaliyl can’t talk yet, but he can rap.  Also, he’s probably cuter than you too.


Teach them that although people say you should never give up, sometimes it’s for the best

YouTube/Sam Napper

Teach them to like all kinds of music


Teach them to say no to drugs, getting in strange cars, and talking to strangers


And finally, teach them that no matter how hard things get, there is always someone else having a harder time


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