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This hashtag will provide your daily dose of groan-worthy puns

Just let yourself go. Embrace the punnage.

THERE IS NOTHING wrong with indulging in a little wordplay every once in a while. In fact, we’d consider it a very healthy activity.

#1PUN is a daily Twitter competition in which players submit their best pun between 1pm and 1.10pm using the hashtag #1PUN.

The authors are the best five puns are awarded points, and the players with the highest points at the end of the month win a prize. Wow.

These may not be the winners, but here are some of the greats from today’s battle. Warning: They’re all fairly groan-worthy.

URRGHH. Pun overdose.

Watch this little elk do furious battle with a tricky fence>

The noise this cat makes while it eats will either disturb or delight you>

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