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7 ways the internet (and the world) loves Liam Neeson

From Liam Neeson: The Musical to Liam Neeson in the nip, here are some online favourites.

1. Liam Neeson: The Musical

Uploaded by LegoLambs

2. Twitter went beserk when Taken was on RTÉ the other night:

3. The Taken meme:

Image: DailyPicksAndFlicks.com

4. He wants to do comedy:

Uploaded by grebmops

5. “Are we live? Oh sh*t“.

6. He got naked on The Ellen Show:

Uploaded by TheEllenShow

7. ‘Straight to video’ on The Late Late Show:

Uploaded by TheMakinz

WATCH: Liam Neeson takes his clothes off and gets all wet>

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