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8 ways your brain is ruining your life

Think you’re smart? Newsflash: your brain has different ideas.

SO YOU THINK you’re great, do you?

Well, we’ve got news for you. Or rather, your brain does. You’re not all that.

There are some moments in life that bring you right back down to Earth and remind you that maybe – just maybe - you’re not so perfect after all. Here are the ways your brain trips you up.

1. Can’t figure out basic stuff if it’s even slightly unfamiliar

Nothing knocks you for a hop like realising you can’t work things in other people’s houses. Try as you might, employing all logic and reason,  othing works.

Image: via Tastefully Offensive

Thought you were smart enough to work hot and cold taps?

Not in this town, hombre.

2. Makes you walk into a room and immediately forget why

So here I am, in the kitchen… Wait, why am I here again?

Image: via Giphy

What was I going to do?

Guaranteed, you won’t remember what you had to do in that kitchen until you’re safely tucked up in bed and have to get up again to do it.

Image: via Giphy


3. Forgets things instantly

You glance at your watch to check the time. Nope, the information didn’t go in.

Thanks, brain.

Image: via GameMaki

And as for remembering people’s names five seconds after you’re introduced?

Forget it.

4. Swears your phone is vibrating

Your brain whispers to you, “Go on, check your phone. I know you only checked it five minutes ago. But I’m pretty sure I felt it vibrate.”

Image: via QuickMeme

It didn’t vibrate. Of course it didn’t vibrate.

We call it a “phantom vibration”.

5. Convinces you you’ve left the oven on

You’ve spent ages getting ready and you’re rushing out the door.

Just as you’re too far to go back, cue the crippling agonising all day  about whether or not you left the oven on.

Your brain runs through all the possible outcomes…

When you get home, you find it was off all along.

6. Sleeps through important things

Nothing reminds you who’s boss around here like your brain deciding to switch off your hearing to ignore alarms.

Image: via QuickMeme

The best-laid plans of mice and men are often ruined by phone alarms.

7. Yet stays awake when you don’t want to be

Oh, you wanted to go to sleep?

Image: via Quickmeme

Sorry, this seems like the perfect time to replay every embarrassing thing you’ve ever done. Repeatedly.

8. Plays horrible tricks on you

After what seemed like forever, your brain finally let you drift off to sleep.

Image: via Shutterstock

Nope. Enjoy a falling sensation. For no reason. You’re welcome.

What’s the worst thing your brain does to you?

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