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9 things that happen on a Bank Holiday car journey

Cars just offer us so many options.

WHEN YOU GET in your car or get a lift somewhere, you aren’t just going to your destination you are also sitting in a small contained space for a significant period of time.

And when you think about your childhood, your driving adventures or even just being a passenger you realise that cars are actually magical spaces with so much potential…

1. Singing

Don’t act like you don’t unleash your vocal stylings while flying down the motorway.

Suddenly Livin’ On A Prayer and Total Eclipse of the Heart are your songs.

Until you catch the eye of someone who has been watching you sing the whole time. That can be very embarrassing.

erolerme / YouTube

2. Having a little nap

via Shutterstock

We don’t mean at the wheel (obviously) but if you’ve taken a break during a late night drive, you’ve probably knocked the seat back and had the most uncomfortable nap of your life.

Or there were the times when you’d go on a family drive as a kid and you’d happily close your eyes, fall asleep and magically wake up in your destination.


3. Treating your car like some kind of waste receptacle

No matter how clean you think you are, chances are you’ve got some a fair bit of random tat floating around your car.

Empty Coke bottle from the week before? Check.

Ticket stubs from a movie you saw three years ago? Check.

Just the one shoe that may not even be yours? Check.

4. Stick your head out of the window like a lunatic

Look, maybe not when you’re driving but a moving car is great for sticking your head out the window and going “WHOOOO!” or similar

Or you could use this dog as your inspiration (mind you this is only a gif and we wouldn’t really recommend doing this with any animals really)

5. Picnics

Remember when you were a kid and you’d end up going somewhere in the car and invariably there would be a picnic where you all sat on the edge of the car seat, the doors wide open, praying you didn’t get crumbs all over the backseat or your mother would go mad?

Or was that just us?

6.  Playing games in the backseat

Again, your childhood years were likely spent in the back of the car playing I Spy, Yellow Reg and demanding that your tapes be put on.

Mind you, there could also be some dramatic fights as you disagree over what tunes to play.

Or you could just be slumped in the backseat after the dentist like this infamous YouTube video:

booba1234 / YouTube

7. Phone calls

Hands free obviously and with you screaming CAN YOU SPEAK UP I’M ON THE PHONE repeatedly.

It’s all very sophisticated when you have a car. Never as sophisticated as this lady however:

via Shutterstock

8. Reading

Maybe we were nerdy kids but there was nothing like getting stuck into a good book on a drive, especially if naps and family games hadn’t proved fruitful.

Mind you, sometimes you’d get that weird “I feel a bit ill because I’ve been reading in the car” feeling and everything is a bit like this:

via Wegman World

9. Letting your dog drive

Well maybe it’s not the safest thing in the world but it sure looks tempting:

via GifBin

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