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9 things you've probably bought but never used

You definitely own at least three of these.

HAVING A CLEAN out of the house this weekend?

Nothing like a bit of free time to get the house in order (yeah right) and more importantly realise just how much stuff you have.

It’s when you’re clearing your home of unwanted possessions that you notice all things you buy but never actually use.

There are plenty of products that are serial offenders for this and we’ve rounded up some of the worst.

1. A juicer

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Whether you were on a “health buzz” or just saw your yourself as some kind of juice guru, chances are you or someone you know invested in a juicer and used it a grand total of … never.

See also: smoothie makers and blenders

2. Exercise equipment

You had visions of getting fit on your home exercise bike while watching Eastenders or working up a sweat on your own stepper while skyping your mates.

Except everytime you bought a piece of home gym equipment you never used it and they became giant clothes horses in your living room.

And don’t get us started on those “ab machines” that you’d see on late night shopping ads and felt tricked into buying.

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3.  A strimmer

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Strimmers are the kind of thing you buy even if you have a tiny and / or non-existent garden for an imagined afternoon of cutting and maintaining your own private hideaway.

Sure, there are people out there with leafy gardens of their own who surely use them but we all know somebody who’s invested in a strimmer and it’s garden equipment ilk and never used the thing.

4. Beard trimmer

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The male grooming equivalent of a strimmer if we’re being honest.

Do you know anyone who actually trims their beard with these things that isn’t a Bond villain or Derek Zoolander?

See also: nose hair trimmers

5. Bath product gift sets

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There’s nothing nicer than treating yourself to a lovely gift set of fabulous bath products

And then never even taking the plastic wrapper off.

6. Espresso maker

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Oh you’re so continental with your own homemade fancy coffees.

Look at you giving us your best “I still live in the Celtic Tiger” impression.

If you have an espresso maker and actually use it we are truly impressed.

But what happens when you’re running across town and want to grab a coffee? You can’t just lug your giant espresso maker around with you. Stress.

See also: those things you could buy to foam your coffee at home. Very posh altogether.

7. Musical instruments

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For every virtuoso who started out with their own guitar as a teen there are lots of us who never actually use that instrument we begged our parents to buy for us in our teens.

Whether you had drums of becoming an acoustic guitar expert, a drummer of note or just a kick ass synth player we’re sure many of you have an instrument or two gathering dust at home somewhere.

8. Barbecues

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Who are we trying to kid buying barbecues in a country where it snows in MARCH?

How many of us have a forever covered grill lingering at the back of our house never too be used?

It’s not worth lads, it’s not.

9.  Ski gear

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You know when you see ski gear in a supermarket at a REALLY GOOD PRICE and decide to invest?

And then you remember that you’ve never been skiing, you will never will be and it’s a waste of time?

Yeah, that.

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