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what bank holiday?

The 9 feelings you're all having after the long weekend

Hold us.

SO YOU WOKE up this morning and you thought to yourself:

Ah, the precious long weekend just goes on and on. Another three hours in bed for me…

My last upload crashed and burned, so here is my dog tucked up in bed. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

But then, it dawned on you…


The weekend is over. It’s Tuesday. It’s time to get up…


It’s like it never happened, it’s like you were just at work 7 minutes ago…

After the long weekend, this is how I feel about going back to work. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

But wait! There’s another bank holiday in a couple of weeks, right? Right? Things aren’t so bad? Right? RIGHT?

74495-bill-murray-smile-frown-gif-WJz1 Pandawhale Pandawhale

You haven’t even checked your bank balance yet, have you?

MRW when I check my bank account after a long weekend of drinking. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

And you don’t get paid for another week…

vinhead Thejournal Thejournal

You’ve promised yourself you’re going to bed at 8.30pm tonight…

He tucked himself in. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

And then tomorrow will be Wednesday. Sure it’s practically the weekend again. Everything will be okay…

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