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# Sweaty Palms
'They said sit down or get off' - the Kerry goalkeeper and nervous flyer who studies aircrafts
Laura Fitzgerald, who is an aeronautical engineer, has had a few nervy moments on airplanes.
High Court approves survival scheme for troubled airline group Norwegian
The group, the court heard had accumulated debts of US$5.2Bn.
# now boarding
From Singapore to New York - world's longest non-stop flight set for take off
The flight will spend a marathon 19 hours in the air.
# Flight Safety
Passengers warned to 'put down phones and listen' to safety demos after Southwest Airlines accident
Photos emerged online this week of passengers using their oxygen masks incorrectly during an emergency Southwest Airlines landing.
# illness
Sick air travelers are mostly likely to infect those in the next row, study reveals
Researchers also warned that infectious crew members could infect an average of 4.6 passengers per flight.
# Boeing Boeing Gone
A $3 billion plane sale could cause problems for Trump
The White House is in the midst of a 90-day review to decide if it will stick by the 2015 deal between Iran and world powers.
# Your Say
Poll: Would you ban US military aircraft from stopping at Shannon entirely?
Independent TD and Minister of State John Halligan says that he would “absolutely” ban such aircraft if it was up to him.
# flying first class
11 ridiculously luxurious pictures of first class plane food
*voms with jealousy*
A pilot held up a flight so this woman could get to her husband's funeral
# Up In The Air
This Irish dad's wonderful reaction to his first airplane flight is going viral
“Are you alright dad?” “Oh f**k, am I alright?!”
# It's my party
A girl's Sweet Sixteen party was ruined by poo falling from the sky
Not ideal.
# oh crap
A plane was forced to land because of a 'smelly poo' in the toilet
# everything is awesome
Ryanair's 'nice-over' seems to be working, er, nicely
The airline expects to make profits of €620-650 million this year.
# leg me go
Flight diverted after 'drunk' woman attacks crew with her prosthetic leg
The argument was over cigarettes.
# No-Fly Zone
US and European airlines suspend flights from flying in or out of Israel
The ban is in response to a rocket strike which landed approximately one mile from the international airport, said the FAA.
# pizza pie in the sky
US pilot treats passengers to pizza after storms delay flight
Ryanair, take note.
# No Danger
It may look like a near-miss, but this pilot did exactly what he was supposed to do
The Spanish aviation authorities say that there was no danger of the planes colliding.
# Air Rage
7 ways the airport turns people into monsters
Go in a normal human being. Come out a BEAST.
# strrrrrrrrrike
Flying today? Check the details: lots of flights in France cancelled and delayed due to strike
Ryanair has cancelled 26 flights, while Aer Lingus has warned all customers to expect delays.
# Up and Away
The astonishing 'rattler' shifts that US air traffic controllers work
Controllers are allowed to work five shifts over four 24-hour periods.
# Flying
Yes, airplane seats are as disgusting as you feared
# turbulence ahead
Ryanair deny "mutinous" passengers raided food trolley on delayed flight
The passengers allegedly abused staff and stole duty free products after the flight was delayed.
# home at last
Watch families reunite for Christmas at Dublin Airport
Welcome home, weary travellers.
# secret santa
Buyers' Guide: Best gadgets to get someone for Christmas
If you’re stuck for gift ideas, these could help you out.
The world's longest commercial flight has been cancelled
Stopover in sight for those who once could hop on the 10,000-mile flight from Newark in New York to Changi in Singapore.
Flightfest is kicking off about now, here’s what will be flying over your head
More than 30 aircraft will be flying low over Dublin today.
# Flights
Up and away: Fourth month of air traffic growth at Dublin Airport
Air traffic saw a growth of 3.9 per cent in June – but how many flights were there per day on average?
# pretty fly
'Hybrid wing' plane uses half the fuel of a standard aeroplane
It could improve commercial aircraft efficiency within a decade.
# wi-high club
How 20,000 pounds of potatoes brought wi-fi to airplanes
Spuds, glorious spuds, stood in for people in on-board tests.
# come fly with us
Security problems at Dublin Airport have been fixed
The airport had been given two months to solve the security issues raised by the European Commission.
# Bankruptcy
American Airlines files for bankruptcy
The fourth largest airline in the world lost $868 million (€650 million) during the first nine months of this year.
# Dublin Airport
Ryanair hits out at lack of change in Dublin airport fees
Ryanair described the situation as a “DAA monopoly” – but Dublin Airport says that under the regulator’s formula, there is an increase in next year’s price cap, but it has decided not to pass this on to passengers.
# biofuels
US airlines go green by running flights on biofuels
A number of US airlines are now running their planes on biofuels – such as algae-based and vegetable-based fuels – in an effort to fly cleaner and greener.
# Air Travel
Boeing unveil new jet in bid to boost sales
The new 747 jetliner is the world’s longest and will seat 467 passengers.