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US pilot treats passengers to pizza after storms delay flight

Ryanair, take note.

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A KINDLY PILOT treated his passengers to pizza after storms in the US diverted his plane for hours.

Faced with potentially hungry (and potentially grumpy) passengers, the Frontier Airlines pilot decided to call in for pizza while the Denver-bound flight was stuck on the tarmac at the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Andrew Ritchie, manager of a local Domino’s Pizza, told the Associated Press that he got a call at around 10pm on Monday, just as he was about to send employees home. The pilot was on the line, and told him he needed to feed 160 people – fast.

The staff made about 35 pizzas and delivered them to the airport, where the driver handed the food off to flight attendants.

That number of pizzas is usually what his store handles in an entire hour, but Ritchie said they needed to make and deliver them in about 30 minutes:

It was definitely one of those ‘challenge accepted’ moments in time.

The flight was one of dozens that were delayed on Monday evening because of heavy rain across Colorado.

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