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7 amazing food creations we wish were available in Ireland

This stuff will make your lunch look boring. Sorry.

ONCE ONLY FOR those of us who could afford to splurge on our gourmet sweet tooth, cronuts are now available for a mere €2 in your local Centra. (We tried them, and they are very, very good.)

Though we can all have cronuts in our sticky paws now, there are so many more weird and wonderful foods out there that we wish we could try.

Most are definitely on the “I’m going to hate myself for eating this” side of things. But we can dream.

Japan’s exotic Haagen Dazs flavours

Haagen Dazs offer their Japanese customers some more unusual ice cream options – including Purple Sweet Potato, Green Tea Truffle and Pumpkin Pudding flavours.

We fancy some of this Black Forest Gateau ice cream:

Ice cream/macaron sandwiches

We’re very familiar with a slab of HB Vanilla between two wafers here – but French chef Francois Payard has taken it one step farther by replacing the wafer with delicious macaron meringues.


Get. In. Our. Bellies. (Watch a video of Payard making the ice cream sandwiches here.)


This is the Canadian version of ‘dressed fries’ – chips with gravy and cheese curds, which you can add a variety of toppings to. Favourites are peas and bacon bits. Mmm. Bacon.

6490089583_3c650f8468_b Source: Flickr/Mack Male

Pizza-size burgers

Here’s one we’d like to share with friends (unless we were especially hungry) – Burger King Japan offers an ‘pizza-size’ burger with an 8-inch bun. The fillings and toppings are normal sized, but plentiful. You can also get one that has actual pizza toppings. Drool.

img_cp40 Source: Burger King Japan

Cheesecake pancakes

US chain International House of Pancakes (or IHOP) serves up a New York Cheesecake stack, with cheesecake pieces stuffed in four fluffy pancakes.

How could it be wrong when it sounds so right?

ihoppancakes Source: Pinterest

Garlic bread crisps

Lays asked the American public what flavour crisps they wanted, and they responded “CHEESY GARLIC BREAD”.

Word on the street is they taste exactly like garlic bread. Can we have them please?


Burger King’s bacon sundae

This ice cream covered in chocolate fudge and sprinkled with smoky bacon was only available for a limited time in the US (obviously). We feel it would perfectly marry together those savoury and sweet flavours we love so dearly.

Burger King-Summer Menu Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS

Now it’s time to return to your soup and ham sandwiches everyone, and forget the wonders you have just seen. Enjoy your lunch!

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