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11 toasters that will help soothe your hangover
Your toast is about to get even better.

WE CANNOT LIE, the weekend is made for one thing: eating insane amounts of toast.

Especially when you’ve had a few too many ales or sherries the night before and you need a bit of beige to get you back on track.

And why not go the whole hog and have a bit of fun while you’re at it?..

1. The Wizard of Oz

via Urban Collector

If you couldn’t get enough of Dorothy and co. then this will definitely make your dreams come true.

Although it would be cool to have a toaster that made your bread look like the yellow brick road.

Just saying.

2. Mickey Mouse

via Amazon

This is the kind of thing we would really wanted to own as children (And as adults to be honest).

3. Stars Wars

via Svpply

Let’s not act like we wouldn’t make that toast, hold it to our face and then go “Luke, I am your father”.


4. Jesus

Perhaps you feel guilty about ditching mass every Sunday (don’t tell your mother) so why not use this Jesus toaster to get back in touch with your religious side?

basketman65a / YouTube

5. Nightmare on Elm Street

via Urban Collector

There is something thoroughly creepy about this but if you want to scare small children away from your toast then this might be a solid option.

6. Spider-Man

via Geek Alerts

Some of you might think that owning a Spider-Man toaster is a bit immature. And some of you are FOOLS.

7. Spongebob Squarepants

via Amazon

A toaster everyone can get behind.

8. Domo

via Imgur

You may not know the name but this Japanese TV mascot will familiar to anyone who spends a bit too much online.

And the toast looks kind of deadly to be fair.

9. Hello Kitty

via Amazon

Your toast would be so cute you might be afraid to eat it (Who are we kidding? We'd just make even more)

10. Watchmen

via Urban Collector

This is nerd-tastic but we kind of love it especially as the Rorschach character is so beloved of comic book geeks

11. Bite Me / I'm Hot

via Amazon

If you want your toast to be cheeky / slightly confrontational  then this will make your weekend truly special.

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