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The best phone cases that were produced when an Artificial Intelligence bot on Amazon went a bit mad

Looks like we don’t need to worry about robots taking over for a while yet.

Amazon logistics centre in Pforzheim Source: DPA/PA Images

DURING THE WEEK a man named Russell Jurney was perusing the phone case selection of Amazon and spotted some really weird phone covers.

What appears to have happened, is that someone set up a store on Amazon that sells phone covers which features designs that a bot randomly pulls from an unknown source of stock photos and automatically generates a product page and price.

The Verge noticed recurring themes throughout the phone case designs: medical procedures, drugs, beauty treatments and DIY (as in, photos of plumbers fixing taps).

Here are some of the funniest ones that were generated:

1. A printer phone case. Ideal for when you’re at home missing your place of work.

Screen_Shot_2017_07_10_at_8.56.49_AM Source: Amazon

2. This case that is perfect to bring to your waxing appointment to make the beautician feel uncomfortable.

Screen_Shot_2017_07_10_at_8.58.13_AM Source: Amazon

3. This racy ‘Cheese wheel on bady instead of table’

Screen_Shot_2017_07_10_at_9.12.01_AM Source: Amazon

There’s nothing more erotic than putting a cheese wheel on someone’s bady instead of table.

4. Why not get a photograph of a skin condition put on your phone case?

PastedImage-96544 Source: Amazon

5. There is a phone case for every occasion you could possibly imagine.

PastedImage-1803 Source: Amazon

This stock photo model has no idea that someone could have paid $24 to have this photo of her on their phone.

6. A gift for that special someone you know that just got diagnosed with gout.

PastedImage-10536 Source: Amazon

7. A ‘vaginal discomfort’ phone case for that iPhone 6 that you spent €800 on

PastedImage-5513 Source: Amazon

8. Or why not get this 5-star rated phone cover that features a photograph of a buttplug

PastedImage-95753 Source: Amazon

9. Unfortunately, this tap one is all sold out.

Screen_Shot_2017_07_10_at_8.56.59_AM Source: Amazon

10. There’s no reason why this stock photo ever should have been taken

Screen_Shot_2017_07_10_at_9.12.26_AM Source: amazon

11. A Kylie Jenner phone case

PastedImage-22518 Source: Amazon

12. This photo of someone applying hand sanitiser that appears to have been taken on a 2 megapixel camera phone from 2008

PastedImage-19441 Source: Amazon

13. There’s something for everyone: a girls ear

PastedImage-3403 Source: Amazon

14. Senior man with kickboard. This looks like a Lana Del Rey video.

PastedImage-51004 Source: Amazon

15. Old woman with asthma inhaler

PastedImage-15168 Source: Amazon

16. If you’re lonely, at least you could get an attractive young couple hugging each other for your phone

PastedImage-39891 Source: Amazon

There were also some downright disgusting phone cases that had photos of toenail fungus, ingrown toenails with dressings hanging off of them and plenty of feet in lots of cringe-y scenarios.

Some people were also annoyed that the bot unknowingly made phone cases that depicted heroin use, so it looks like Amazon pulled a lot of the cases from the site. Never forget Artificial Intelligence Phone Case Gate 2017.


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