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An American beauty website has been raving about Sudocrem - but they think it's British


SUDOCREM IS A beloved Irish product – known across the land as one of this nation’s finest gifts to the world.

The pronunciation itself is even rooted in the Dublin accent where the cream was invented back in 1931 - and we take its Irishness very seriously.

So when American beauty website Into The Gloss wrote a lavish piece praising it last night, we all nodded our head in agreement.

But the accompanying tweet seemed a little… off


The response from Irish people defending the honour of Sudocrem was swift

The article itself is a delightful love letter to our favourite antiseptic cream:

I can’t sing the praises of Sudocrem loudly or frequently enough.
It’s thick—opaque, even—and a chalky white color that would have the sweet lady across the hall asking if you were feeling OK. Regardless, applied thinly after cleansing and before bed (I like to massage it in after a sweep of rosehip or hempseed oil), I find it helps me wake up looking the kind of dewy and fresh that’s usually reserved for natural yogurt advertisements.

Any international praise of Sudocrem is always welcomed, of course

sudocrem Source: boots

Some people in the comments definitely took it that Sudocrem was a UK invention though:

I’ve been using sudocrem for years, but never knew from where it comes from

But there were Irish people there to correct them immediately:

It comes from Ireland actually, and that’s not mentioned here. It became popular in Ireland and then it was sold in the UK and is popular there too.

And others were giving the Americans an idea of its cultural importance:

It’s actually an Irish product. Still made in Dublin Ireland. It’s up there with Guinness.


A staff member from Into The Gloss heroically waded into the comments to quell the uprising with an explanation:

We didn’t mean to imply it was made in the UK, sorry if it came off that way :( Our freelance writer from the UK simply meant to imply that it was big over there

All is forgiven, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate Sudocrem together as the glorious international phenomenon it is

Straight outta Dublin.

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