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#fail of the day

Bow Wow just got caught out pretending he had a private jet on Instagram

Tip: don’t lie about where you are when 3.4 million people follow you on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian is back shilling morning sickness drugs on Instagram, and no one is impressed

They’re more offended by the terrible Photoshop job in the picture than anything else, though.

This new MTV show has people giving 'revenge tattoos' to each other and it's horrific

Someone got Donald Trump on their arse. SMDH.

A rapper Photoshopped abs on himself for a music video, and people are baffled

Bang of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas off it.

11 disgusting things women secretly enjoy doing

Prepare to get gross.

Pepsi has decided to pull THAT Kendall Jenner ad after a huge backlash

“Clearly we missed the mark and we apologise.”

10 ridiculous reality TV shows we still can't quite believe got made

They’ve officially run out of ideas.

Kendall Jenner, we need to have words about these 'shorts' you're wearing

The true meaning of ‘jorts’.

James Van Der Beek was not impressed with being asked about Dawson's Creek on This Morning

I don’t wanna wait for this intervieeeeew to be oveeeerrrr….

Can You Guess The Celebrity From Their Cringey Tattoo?

Celebs: Don’t trust them to pick a tattoo design for you. Or themselves.

Why in God's name is Kim Kardashian still promoting 'fitness teas'?

You’re too famous for this, Kim.

7 questions we have about that absolutely ridiculous VIPoo ad

Firstly, how dare you? And secondly, how DARE you?

People are taking the piss out of this house for sale on Daft and its 'quirky decor'

“Decorating your house like this is a real power move until you have to sell it for the asking price”

What's the story with that weird 'Irish proverb' Donald Trump just read out? An investigation

“Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue.” What?

Angela Scanlon gave people an immature chuckle with this slip up on the One Show

“Getting rid of CLIT… CLUTTER!”

McDonald’s new ad for its 'Irish' Shamrock Shake features Stonehenge and bagpipes

“bagpipes are Scottish and Stonehenge is in England you muppets”

Donald Trump's new 'Irish' St Patrick's Day cap has a big mistake on it

Hey it’s just the alternative shamrock.

Those peel-off face masks going viral right now are really not good for your skin

“It’s a little like using a chainsaw to prune a tree,” says facialist Andy Millward.

Daryl from The Walking Dead was literally dragged off Sky News to make way for the weather

The weather takes precedence. Even over popular TV actors.

9 nightmares for people with *feelings* about coleslaw

The actual devil. Even the word ‘coleslaw’ is disgusting.

Zara used thin models in an ad about 'loving your curves', and people are not impressed

“Zara, wake up. This is not curvy.”

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