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Americans have just discovered Billy Roll and they're horrified

“It’s like EATING A FACE!” Well yeah, that’s the point.

YESTERDAY, A PHOTO of venerated Irish delicacy Billy Roll made its way on to Reddit.

jW71ZEd Source: Imgur

The picture was accompanied by this caption from user DickieJohnson:

If I opened my lunch sandwich and saw this looking back at me I’d lose my f**king mind.

What are you talking about? It’s just Billy Roll, friend of primary school lunch boxes everywhere! Are you trying to imply that Billy Roll, this smiling face of meat and additives, is creepy?

Well, he was. And many people were ready to join him in his horror.

billyroll2 Source: /r/funny

billyroll4 Source: /r/funny

billyroll5 Source: /r/funny

Some saw Thomas the Tank Engine reflected in Billy’s visage:

billyroll Source: /r/funny

Others questioned its content:

billyroll3 Source: /r/funny

And one particularly impertinent user saw fit to doctor the picture in the cruelest way imaginable.

02tulpl Source: /u/_korbendallas_

RUDE. Can we just remind Americans that they created all of these ridiculous foodstuffs? Leave our Billy Roll out of this. Just leave it out.

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