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Ultimate motivation: You could soon be able to charge your phone by exercising

If that doesn’t get you running, we don’t know what will.

AS PHONES GET smarter, battery life is getting shorter, so we appreciate anything that helps us keep our phones juiced.

Soon we could be doing that without the need for plug sockets and USB cables.

A new pocket-sized device called Ampy is being developed that can convert your movement into battery power.

Simply strap the device on to your body (or put it in your pocket) and go about your day.

The developers say you don’t have to do strenuous exercise for it to work – they claim that going for a 30 minute jog would generate enough power to charge your phone for three hours, but walking, cycling, and just moving around would do the trick too.

Ampy was invented by three American engineering students, who hope to eventually use the technology to make electronic devices self-charging. (Um, hurry up.)

Right now, they have raised $69,986 of their $100,000 Kickstarter goal to begin production. You can find more information here.

Source: AMPY/YouTube

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