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QUIZ: How annoying is your other half?

A highly scientific rating system.

SO, YOUR OTHER half. Are they annoying?

Yep, thought so.

But just how annoying are they? That’s often difficult to pinpoint in the hurly-burly of everyday life. Luckily, DailyEdge.ie is here to help.

Simply tot up the number of these infuriating traits that your partner has, and add up the points for a rating at the end!

Feel free to send this quiz on to any friends or family you feel may be in need of it. You could really help someone, you know.

1. Mangles the toothpaste (5 points)

WHY can’t you just squeeze it from the bottom and put the lid back on afterwards. WHY.


2. Lets the kitchen bin overflow before emptying (10 points)

If they then try to justify it, 15 points.


3. Eats the last of something, but doesn’t mention it (5 points)

When you’ve bought all the other ingredients for dinner, then come home to find they scoffed all the eggs in a giant, senseless egg binge but failed to mention it. Even though they KNEW you were making an omelette for dinner.


4. Leaves tea bags in the sink (15 points)

There is literally no reason to do this.

5. Does this (20 points)

Just… infuriating.

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6. Waits until you start doing a long-delayed chore, then says ‘I was going to do that’ (35 points)



7. Leaves nail clippings in inappropriate places (60 points)

Borderline unforgivable.


8. Does the ‘sharp intake of breath’ while you’re driving (25 points)

If they then deny doing anything, this is a 45-pointer.


9. Sets his/her alarm for before you need to get up, then hits ‘snooze’ (20 points)

And drifts back off to sleep while you lie there, awake and fuming.


10. Fails to dispose of empty loo roll tubes (10 points)

What, does the Loo Roll Fairy need them for an art project? THEY GO IN THE BIN.


11. Starts a box set with you, then watches more episodes while you’re out (100 points)

Heinous and unforgivable. The maximum penalty.



0-50 points: Stepford Wife

Congratulations! Your partner is either (a) perfect or (b) some kind of animatronic doll. We wish you great happiness, and hope you don’t expire from sheer boredom at having nothing stupid to argue about.

51-150 points: Minor Irritation

Your partner probably gets on your wick sometimes, but hey – it’s a free country and we can all clip our nails where we want, right? Pretty sure we once heard someone say that having intermittent ding-dongs about wet towels left on the bed was a positive thing.

151-250 points: Headwrecker

Your other half is very, very annoying. It’s possible that things can be turned around, but you’re on a knife edge. Institute control procedures immediately – if you even can with your fingers covered in crusted toothpaste.

251-300 points: Hellish Fire-Demon

Your other half is evidently a sociopath with no regard for societal norms. You are probably reading this awash in a sea of nail clippings and used loo roll tubes. Lord help you.

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