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The 11 people you never want to meet at a house party

There’s always one (or five).

IT’S OUR PARTY, and we’ll turf these folks out* if we want to.

*We probably won’t. But we’ll think about it.

1. The Early Bird

The party is scheduled to start at 8.30pm, but everyone knows that means 9.30pm.

tumblr_mcbmvfSbYl1rxk12w Source: Tumblr

Yet there’s always one person who flouts this all-important rule and shows up at 8.29 on the dot, when the host’s hair is still wet and the house is still a mess.

2. The Demolition Artist


Everything this person touches turns to shards of broken glass and delph.

Stay away, unless you want to be slightly damp for the rest of the evening and implicated in the destruction of several pint glasses.

3. The Singer-Songwriter

tumblr_n0cjzrXOaX1tp7y6jo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Any time is the right time for a sing-along with this delightful partygoer, who just cannot seem to read a room.

Lock up your acoustic guitars, or find a way of confiscating theirs.

4. The Star-Crossed Lovers

Having a lovers’ tiff? Not at our party, you don’t.

post-12289-New-Girl-Downvote-Fight-gif-iKaY Source: Pandawhale

Please, please take your squabbles and sulking elsewhere, for the good of mankind.

5. The King of the Castle

Kings_Cup Source: Wikimedia

This person will not rest until everyone has tipped part of their drink into the Kings’ Cup.

Politely but firmly decline for a vomit-free evening.

6. The Unwelcome Wagon

The concept of ‘home time’ doesn’t really make sense to this person, even when everyone else around them is falling asleep.

tumblr_maqgupapGD1qebr2go1_500 Source: Tumblr

A hearty, Irish bouncer-style “Alright FOLKS, let’s go FOLKS” will almost always fall on deaf ears.

7. The iPod DJ

ipoddj Source: Flickr/solgrundy

Unlike the Singer-Songwriter, the iPod DJ just wants to showcase their ultra-cool music taste, not their questionable talent.

Important thing to note: They’ll never play Maniac 2000. So stop asking.

8. The Barnacle

This person only knows you,  so they stick to you like glue for the duration of the gathering. We’ve all been the Barnacle, but nevertheless, it’s hard to have any sympathy when it happens to you.

Omg-I-Feel-So-Awkward-At-This-Party Source: Mrwgifs

(Props to the actress/comedian Amy Sedaris for coming up with such a perfect term.)

9. The Crier

9bd2db41e4789b71ae4d89a7872c171c Source: Pinterest

These people will usually hole themselves up in a bedroom or bathroom (whichever is most inconvenient for everyone else at the time) with a pal or two – anyone who tries to come in is greeted with a bellowed “GO AWAY!”

How about YOU go away, hmm? How about that?!

10. The Cluster

clustermean Source: PopSugar

That group of girls or lads who sit in a circle and talk to no one else for the whole night, thus ruining the convivial atmosphere.

Why are they saying, and about whom? Why are they even here? TELL US.

11. The Moocher

“I have no drink left! Can I steal a can?” The calling card of the Moocher.

giphy Source: Giphy

Sure, you’ll gladly hand over a can here, a splash of spirit there – but if it happens every time, you have to wonder why they haven’t learned to manage their drink.

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