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# sleep is hell
11 really annoying things that happen while you're asleep
Bedtime is totally overrated.

SLEEP ISN’T REALLY all it’s cracked up to be, is it?

Not when you think about all the infuriating things that will happen.

1. When you’re just dozing off…

and your body decides to jerk you awake.

2. When you can’t sleep all night

Then you fall into a deep, luxurious sleep five minutes before your alarm.


3. When your partner FINALLY stops snoring

And then just as you’re dropping off to sleep:

YouTube/Gill Rawson

4. When your brain could dream wondrous, incredible fantasies

And it dreams about this:

5. This


6. When you have a really hot sex dream

About a co-worker who you have to face the next day.

“Yep, we were definitely doing it. In my head.” (Shutterstock)

7. When it’s wake-up time, according to your pet


Even if they take a subtle approach:

8. When your brain tries to manage your early start


9. When you sleep on your arm and it goes dead

Bonus points if you hit yourself in the face while trying to reposition it.


10. When your brain is like this ALL NIGHT


11. And worst of all, when this happens

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