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11 things you should never do to a taxi driver again

NOT NEARLY ENOUGH credit is given to taxi drivers – those brave men and women whose job it is to ferry us to the nightclubs, then back home afterwards.

In those late hours, all sense of etiquette and decorum is thrown out the window, and we all basically become mewling babies. No, really.

Here are 11 annoying things you should never do to a taxi driver again. Ever.

1. Call them ‘Mr Taxi Man’

mrtaximan Flickr / diversey Flickr / diversey / diversey

You think you’re being cute. The taxi driver thinks you’re patronising them.

2. Ask them to put on ‘the tunes’

turnitup Flickr / adspackman Flickr / adspackman / adspackman

Then begging for the highest volume possible. Our eardrums!

3. Insist on backseat karaoke sessions on your way to the club

giphy Giphy Giphy

You may think you sound like a rock star bellowing Hero by Chad Kroeger with your mates, but the taxi driver is definitely in agony.

4. Make a big show of using their name

taxidriver Wikimedia Wikimedia

“Hiya… JOE. Joe, how are you? Ah JOE, you’re an awful sound taxi man.”

5. Have loud discussions about the pronunciation of said name

taxidrivers Flickr / moriza Flickr / moriza / moriza

You’re probably at the stage in the night when you’re beginning to forget what’s embarrassing and what’s not.

But just ask them if you’re really interested. For everyone’s sake.

6. Go back to calling them ‘Mr Taxi Man’


7. Lie about how sick you feel

throw-up-gif Theglow Theglow

“I’m not going to get sick.” Driver, pull over immediately.

8. Haggle

“Will you bring me from Leeson Street to Cabra for eight euro and… *looks in wallet* Sixty cent?”

giphy Giphy Giphy

There’s a meter. Read the meter.

9. Eat a full kebab in the back seat

4048527520_8490e9d545_o Flickr / mesohungry Flickr / mesohungry / mesohungry

Sneaking the odd chip? Grand. Horsing into a gigantic, messy burger? Now sis.

10. Leave a mess in the back of their cab

tumblr_mfpiqzDzDq1rflkf7o1_500 Elitedaily Elitedaily

If they were sound enough to let you drink your shnakey cans/naggins, take them with you when you get out. It’s only fair.

11. Get in the front seat and take a selfie with them

This is more for your sake than theirs. Nobody thinks you’regas. Sorry.

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