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Apache Pizza in Cork are doing Communion buffets

The little pups these days don’t know they’re born.

DO YOU REMEMBER your First Holy Communion?

You were either dressed up to the nines in a wee suit or a blindingly white dress, with affection and gifts being showered on you by extended family. Fivers were slipped your way left, right and centre.

Well, kids these days can get PIZZA buffets on their Communion days, as evidenced by this ad in last week’s Examiner. Truly, time has marched on.

Source: Irish Examiner

We’d have been lucky to get a burnt cocktail sausage – and we’d have been happy with an egg salad sandwich and bottle of Cadet orange.

And, please, can you IMAGINE the murder from your Mam if you got mozzarella and pepperoni all down your Communion dress? You wouldn’t be forgiven until your Confirmation.

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