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Ariana Grande's cringing face just became the internet's favourite new meme
The popstar had an unfortunate run in with a model at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The internet rejoiced.

ARIANA GRANDE, TINY chanteuse of many of 2014′s biggest hits, was one of the performers at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London on Tuesday night.

As she sang, leggy models in impractical lingerie pranced up and down the catwalk beside her – one model wearing a pair of particularly large, ornate angel wings nearly clocked the singer in the head on her way down.

Ariana’s reaction was pretty priceless.

P2K6FcK Imgur Imgur



The internet quickly set to work, and ‘Scariana Grande’ soon became everyone’s new favourite meme.

Here she is cringing away a dino at Jurassic Park:

MWUh8lq Imgur Imgur

And from a herd of animals in The Lion King:

7UUA7WW Imgur Imgur

From Kim Kardashian’s now-ubiquitous arse:

SlfvGBq Imgur Imgur

With Sigourney Weaver in Alien:

73eCa4x Imgur Imgur

Trying to hide from a friendly ray:

scariana3 Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

And cowering from another of the world’s great derp photos – Beyoncé at the Superbowl.

OGJ159t Imgur Imgur

Luckily, the singer is being a good sport about it all.


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