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People are loving ASOS for not airbrushing out their models' stretchmarks

“I’ve never ever seen a model with stretchmarks and I needed it. Thank you!”

SUMMER CAN BE a time of insecurity for many, with pictures of smooth, poreless models in bikinis smiling down at us from every storefront and constant talk of ‘beach bodies’.

¡Cha 👯 cha 👯 cha!

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Over the past few years, retailers have been embracing a more natural approach – the US lingerie brand Aerie famously discontinued retouching its models in 2014, and it appears that others are following suit.

ASOS has quietly stopped airbrushing some of its swimsuit and lingerie models, showing stretch marks and blemishes and all sorts of regular ‘imperfections’.

DDbpummWAAIFM16 Source: Twitter/@leahtudorx

DDbpummXcAASxiE Source: Twitter/@leahtudorx

Women have been noticing – and they’re big fans of what they see.







In fairness, these women are still beautiful models with conventionally attractive bodies – but it’s most definitely a step forward.

However, it doesn’t appear to be happening across the board, with some shoppers still seeing the airbrushed images.

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Judging by the reaction, though, it might be something for ASOS consider doing full-time? Think about it, guys.

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