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These photos of Avril Lavigne with fans are the most awkward thing you'll see today

If you can find anything more awkward than this, we’ll eat our hats.

YOU MAY BE under the completely acceptable impression that no one really likes Avril Lavigne’s music anymore.

But the Canadian punk-popster still has some loyal fans, and they’re willing to pay a lot of money to meet her. So there.

giphy Source: Giphy

According to Noisey, Brazilian fans of Avril Lavigne were charged 800 Brazilian Reals (about €259) for a recent meet and greet with the popstar – that price did not include the actual concert ticket.

Here’s the catch: Fans were not allowed any physical contact with the singer. No hugs, no handshakes, no putting a friendly arm around her in the photos.

Essentially, they paid €250 to stand near Avril Lavigne.

The results are so awkward it almost hurts.

BmlHWPeIQAE08UK Source: BreatheHeavy.com

BmkHRuACQAAJiQW Source: BreatheHeavy.com

BmlPVmUIIAEsx0_.jpg-large Source: BreatheHeavy.com

9730c490d16311e3a2220002c99c3bc6_8 Source: BreatheHeavy.com

Avril’s enthusiasm in the picture below is infectious, isn’t it?

85d0ddb8d16611e3836d0002c9e03f3e_8 Source: BreatheHeavy.com

9125db68d14e11e38da50002c99d2bae_8 Source: BreatheHeavy.com

(This gal is definitely pushing her luck a little.)

Why’d ya have to go and make things so complicated Avril? Why?

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