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9 of the most incredibly awkward celebrity interviews

From Courtney Love faceplanting off of a stool to Naomi Campbell being questioned about blood diamonds.

1. When Amy Winehouse was extremely disinterested in being compared to Dido

butsamwhy / YouTube

Interviewer: “[Dido] used that album to clean out her emotional closet”

Amy: “…Did she?”

did she

2. When Courtney Love was locked and interrupted Madonna’s interview

Courtney Love sees Madonna being interviewed on the 1995 VMAs and decides to pelt her with a makeup compact in order to get her attention.

courtney love madonna

The interviewer, Kurt Loder, suggests inviting her up on stage. Madonna coldly says “No don’t. Please.” Kurt insists that Courtney joins the pair on stage and Madonna remarks that “Courney Love is in dire need of attention”.

Courtney makes her way up to the stage and is completely plastered:

shakes hand

Not long after, Kurt regrets his decision when she gets on the floor and insults his shoes.


Madonna wants to leave and Courtney says “no, no we’re not done.” Kurt, visibly irritated says “I can’t make her sit here. How would I do that?! What would I do exactly?!” Madonna exits and insists Courtney takes a seat.

Courtney asks if she was “bumming them out” and becomes more and more like the drunk girl you let sit with you in the smoking area when she lost her friends but now you are regretting it a lot.

Soon Tabitha Soren, someone she clearly hadn’t been getting along with shows up and she goes into full apologizing-to-someone-in-Workman’s-that-you-fought-with-when-you-were-10-years-old  mode:


Then for the grand finale, and in true I snook WAY too many cans into Workman’s tonight fashion, she faceplants off of her stool.


Jordi García / YouTube

3. When Paris Hilton walked out of an ABC interview

In 2011, an interviewer asked “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?”, suggesting she had peaked at The Simple Life.

paris hilton No

She wasn’t happy, looked off camera and decided to end the interview there. “You wanna wrap up?”, the interviewer said, smug that he had angered her slightly. Guess the joke is on him because she still makes €300,000 per hour DJing in Ibiza, sometimes for 3 hours at a time. That’s about a million per night.

ABC News / YouTube

4. Naomi Campbell walking out of an interview when she was questioned about receiving blood diamonds as a gift from a war criminal

When the question comes up, she just looks away and pretends it’s not happening.

look way

Then she gets up, leaves and pushes a camera over.

smashes camera

highdefnow / YouTube

5. When Cara Delevingne was not in the humour for these American anchors at all

The hosts of CBS show ‘Good Day Sacramento’ interviewed Cara about her role in Paper Towns. They were definitely not reading her social cues at all. This resulted in her becoming more and more hostile as the interview went on and eventually they decided to cut it short.

Weeks and weeks into Cara being interviewed about Paper Towns, they started it off with a pretty unoriginal question. “Have you actually read the book?” and she replied sarcastically with “No. I never read the book. Or the script actually. I kind of winged it.”

winged it

She did attempt to make an effort, continuing to go on and recommend the book and the rest of the author’s work.

As the overenthusiastic interviewers kept asking pretty boring  questions and becoming visibly frustrated at her disinterest in them, her answers got shorter. Eventually the tedious questions ended with the interviewers suggesting she goes to have a nap or get herself a red bull.

CBS Sacramento / YouTube

6. When Jessica Chastain was asked if she might have her lines fed to her through an earpiece like Johnny Depp

Her reaction to this bizarrely set up question was perfect.

7. When Tim Westwood interviewed rapper Cardi B

Cardi B is a rapper who is pretty well known for the videos she used to share on Vine. For being unapologetically vulgar and not caring what people think, the 24-year-old quickly became a hit on Vine and Twitter.

ViralBox / YouTube

But when she was recently interviewed by 59-year-old Tim Westwood, who has not been relevant since he hosted MTV’s Pimp My Ride UK, things were extremely awkward.

Westwood, for some inexplicable reason begins by asking Cardi B what type of weave she likes best. It quickly becomes clear that it’s for no reason other than to make the whole interview as uncomfortable as possible to watch.

He expands on the weave question by adding “Lace fronts?” as some kind of innuendo before asking “How many inches do you like?”

cardi b

She handles it better than most people possibly could in that situation but then he begins speaking in a weird Austin Powers accent. The video is extremely painful to watch.

8. Jesse Eisenberg dealing with unnecessarily sleazy questions about magic tricks

In an interview about his movie Now You See Me, the interviewer begins by, for some reason, telling Jesse Eisenberg he gets stomach ulcers from stress and had one when a girl broke up with him when he was in grade ten. This is a little bit unusual, but honestly nothing in comparison for what’s about to be said next.

The interviewer says “Card tricks: women may think that you’re good with your hands and that you’re a smart guy…” and Jesse asks why he’s so focused on women.


The interviewer informs him that it depends on the day and that today he just happened to wake up “a little extra randy.”


Jesse Eisenberg points out that magic is for all genders, but the interviewer does not stop. “I wonder, when you take a rabbit out of a hat… What does that say to people about you? Maybe someone would think you’re kinky because of that.” Jesse is just like:

0CCBHhF Imgur Imgur

Rich Wilkinson / YouTube

9. When Mila Kunis got invited to a wedding in an interview

As a whole, this is actually a really nice interview. It’s this guys first time ever interviewing a celebrity and he’s extremely nervous. It could have gone a lot worse, but Mila Kunis reassures him constantly that he’s doing great, even though he keeps rambling off topic.


The Radio 1 interviewer struggles to stick to the script and starts talking about his favourite football team, his friends and a drink he enjoys called a ladbomb – which is a shot of Jaeger in a double vodka and Red Bull. Mila love it and says she wants to go to his local and try it with him.


She enjoys chatting with him so much that her team tell her she has to talk about the movie that she’s promoting so she asks him to shut up for a minute so she can do the spiel she’s used to doing for every interview and then resumes the conversation.

BBC Radio 1 / YouTube

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