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9 reasons why eating out is a social minefield

What can go wrong, does go wrong. Pass the bread.


In fact, sometimes it seems like life is just a series of cruel and unusual awkward situations, punctuated by sleep. Even the supposedly pleasant experience of eating out is no different. The potential to embarrass oneself at a dinner table – whether on a date, work night out or formal event – is limitless.

There are too many opportunities to ruin your life while dining out. Here are just a few of them…

1. Taking more than your fair share

You can’t help yourself. You’ve taken way more than your fair share of the bread, or poppadoms, or prawn crackers – whatever wickedly tempting snacks the restaurant have provided you with.

You’ve made a pig of yourself, pal. And the food proper hasn’t even commenced.

2. Pronouncing something wrong

The dreaded “Could I have the…?” moment.  Just point instead. Take the pressure off.

Image: Useful Things

3. Knocking over the water

Knocking your water glass all over yourself is one thing, but there is nothing like the dread of knocking it all over your dining companion – or worse, a stranger at a nearby table.

YouTube/Aleigh Lewis

4. Messy eating

You ordered your favourite dish, completely forgetting that eating it is like wrangling with a pig in mud – and just as messy.

Image: Shutterstock

5. Something in your teeth

Can we all just agree to bite the bullet and TELL each other when we have something on our face/in our teeth? It’s the kindest thing to do.

Image: Long Island Press

6. Garlic alert

Newsflash: you stink.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

7. Over-indulgence

You drank that wine a little bit too fast out of nervousness. Congratulations, you’re now drunk and concealing it badly. You’d better hope dessert is filling or else you’re falling out of that restaurant.

8. Splitting the bill

Will you? Won’t you? Who’s treating? Paying for each individual thing ordered or splitting it down the middle? But what if one person got wine? Stop, stop, we think we’re going to start crying. It’s too much.

Image: EasyfindADate

9. Tipping nightmares

Was there a service charge? What’s the appropriate amount? Was the waiter even sound? Does that matter? Scream.

Image: Reaction Gifs

A problem shared is a problem halved. Tell us your worst dining experiences in the comments to finally exorcise all your terrible, cringe-inducing memories.

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