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19 distressingly awkward situations every Irish person will relate to

Death is preferable to all these things.

awkward Source: Tumblr

1. When you show someone a ‘hilarious’ video and they don’t so much as chuckle

2. “You’re gone awful red.” Thanks for pointing that out, pal!

3. Waving at someone who doesn’t see, and wondering if you should turn it into a hair flick or just embrace the shame

4. Coming in late to a conversation and trying to ask what everyone’s talking about, but no one’s listening to you

169032-that-feeling-when-nobody-liste-2QX1 Source: Pandawhale

5. When someone offers to pay for lunch – are they hoping you’ll say no? Will they keep pressing it if you decline? What do they want?

6. Saying goodbye to someone, then realising you’re both going the same way

7. ”Hey, how are you?” “Grand, and yourself?” “Good, and you?”

8. ”Enjoy your meal.” “You too.”

The_Scream Source: Wikimedia

9. Seeing someone you know on the street and stopping to chat, but nope! They just said a quick ‘how are you’ and continued on their way, leaving you in agony

10. When someone catches you pulling away at a door that says Push

11. When you’re taking a bit longer at the ATM than usual, and a queue is building behind you. SWEATIN’

12. Walking behind someone slow who makes it impossible to overtake, leaving you plodding along at their heels

AdiBPrO Source: Imgur

13. Holding a door for a stream of people, nodding at each as they stream in ahead of you, and wondering if you will ever be able to pass through yourself

14. When someone goes in for an unexpected kiss on the cheek

15. Boarding the bus and seeing someone you kind of know, but not enough to sit beside them. I’ll just go…over here

16. When you’re halfway through a story and realise there’s no point. Jesus Christ I need to come up with a point

tumblr_m1auujZNM01qbjnx6 Source: BlogSpot

17.  Tripping over a crack in the pavement and looking behind you to see someone fighting to hide a grin

18. Having to ask someone repeat themselves multiple times, hearing even less each time

19. When you’re walking with your two friends and end up following along behind them, like a sad dog

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