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# you snooze you lose
11 places where you really really shouldn’t fall asleep
The Sandman’ll get you where you least expect it.

EARLIER TODAY, WE learned that you really shouldn’t ever have a feed of pints and then fall asleep while your mates are around.  It rarely ends well.

Unfortunately, this is not the only unsafe place to visit the land of nod.  In fact, the land of sleep re are lots and lots of places and occasions where you really shouldn’t fall asleep.

On the toilet


YouTube/Jamil Estrada

While eating a ham sandwich

Via Imgur

While putting away your clean clothes

In a very important class

Via Imgur

While eating delicious spaghetti in a restaurant

YouTube/Johanne Stetka

At work

Via Imgur

Near a prankster

On a train


While in charge of a moving vehicle


While waiting for public transport

While making a very important phone call


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