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8 Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavours that will change Irish lives

One of the world’s best known ice cream chains is coming here. YAYE.

THE BEST ICE cream related news today is that the famous American speciality ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins is set to open up a load of shops in Ireland.

Some of the ice cream concoctions they serve up elsewhere has us dreaming of what is to come:

1. The Oreo Cream Delight Cookie Cake

baskin1 Source: Twitter

Yes, please.

2. Cookie dough and cotton candy flavour ice cream

cookiedough Source: Twitter

You can mix your flavours at Baskins and come up with some audaciously tasty combinations.

3. Shooting star ice cream

Described as a “soda flavoured ice cream with strawberry swirls and blue popping candy” – we don’t know what this tastes like but it’s probably delish.

4. This delightful combination

5. Gold medal ribbon ice cream

gold-medal-ribbon-baskin-robbins Source: Wordpress

The universally popular flavour combines vanilla, chocolate and caramel together in swirly goodness.

6. ‘My Mom’s An Alien’ ice cream

033 Source: BlogSpot

Baskin-Robbins in Korea have this interestingly-named flavour that is a combination of dark, milk and white chocolate

Will we see it here? We can dream.

7. Jamoca Almond Fudge

2014-09-13+12.25.04 Source: BlogSpot

The nutty, chocolatey and fudge-filled flavour we all need in our lives.

8. Lunar cheesecake ice cream

Mint and white chocolate cheesecake flavoured ice cream, with bits of cheesecake and cracker as well. Drool.

Ireland welcomes you with open arms.

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