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Irish mammies are getting their own TV show (sort of)

Well, just one Irish mammy.

baz Source: Sky

IT’S FAIRLY EASY To test the limits of your mammy. Just forget to turn off the immersion or leave out the bins.

But Sky’s new show 50 Ways to Test Your Mammy will take it one step further by making one Irish mother jump out of planes and wrestle alligators.

The woman in question is Nancy, mother of presenter Baz Ashmawy (see them in the lovely picture above) – he’s bringing her on a trip across the globe that will push her as far as she can go with a series of thrilling tasks. Fair play to her, in fairness.

Viewers are also promised the chance to experience “the endearing relationship between a brave Irish mammy and her daredevil only son”. Aww.

The show is filming now in exotic locations in Africa, Asia and the USA, and will be broadcast on Sky 1 in the New Year.

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