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beat on the street

These videos make 2fm's Beat on the Street look like the most fun ever

Can’t we go back to those halcyon days?

ONCE UPON A time in Ireland, life didn’t get any more glamourous or exciting than 2fm’s Beat on the Street.

These live events took place throughout Ireland in the 90s, giving the nation the opportunity to see live music as well as their favourite radio DJs.

That might sound like something you’d sniff at now, but in those days of only a few stations and no internet, DJs were superstars.

Come and join us as we take a stroll down memory lane, and remember these beautiful moments…

The time Ian Dempsey and Tony Fenton walked around the stage with video cameras

Dublin, 1994


Those crazy cats.  In fairness, they did some serious fist pumping as well. Check out the full video here.

The time a dancing Kit-Kat ‘turned into’ Tony Fenton

Dublin, 1998

Maybe if you were actually there it would have looked more convincing.  The crowd were certainly having a ball, anyway.

kit kat

The time Boyzone thrust their pelvises for a crowd of frenzied young wans

Dublin, 1994

Are you in that crowd? Were you that hysterical?


The time the DJs performed a choreographed dance

Doug Murray

That’s Electric Eddie (who’s responsible for all of these videos, by the way), Mike Ryan, Lorcan Murray and John Kenny, fact fans.


Were you at Beat on the Street?  Were those the best days of your life?

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